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While Nigerian historians have largely credited Mary Slessor, the Scottish Missionary who lived in Nigeria in the 19th century, with helping to eradicate the killing of twins in southern Nigeria, it is heart-breaking to note that infanticide and other dangerous practices are still prevalent within rural communities adjoining the Nigerian Capital.

The efforts to rescue infants from deliberate killing by tribal Bassa community within the FCT started in 1996 when the family of Olusola Stevens, who are missionaries, was called upon by a native woman to help in rescuing her child who was to be killed as a sacrifice to the local deity to ensure a bountiful agricultural harvest. The missionaries indeed intervened, and that child, Aishat Ruth Garba was rescued and is now a 20 year old student at Government Day Secondary School, Gwagwalada, F.C.T. Since that eventful intervention, these missionaries went ahead to establish a rehabilitation centre named Vine Heritage Home in 2004 to take care of such rescued kids. All the rescued children were transferred into the Vine Heritage Home within the age range of a few hours after birth to 5 months old, and have remained in the home with some of them now in their teens.

There are several reasons why children in those communities stand a chance of being deliberately killed. Within the F.C.T., the native Bassa-komo, Gbariyamma, Ganagana communities have this unusual traditional belief that if a mother dies from child birth or while nursing a baby, the baby is evil and must therefore be killed by being buried (alive) with the deceased mother. Over 70% of the children currently living in Vine Heritage Home were rescued for this very reason.

Other reasons why some infants are being killed in these communities include the belief that twins and other multiple births are abominations and portend evil and as such all such children are killed shortly after birth by being left to starve, poisoned, or buried alive. Around 97% of the 72 children currently residing at the Vine Heritage Home belong to this category.

Other traditional bases for infanticide in these native communities include:
• Growth of the upper teeth before the lower teeth in infants.
• Sacrifice of infants unto the local deity so as to have a bountiful agricultural harvest.
• Children born with defects.

After several attempts to register the Vine Heritage Home with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) which proved unsuccessful, the name VINE HERITAGE HOME FOUNDATION was finally approved and subsequently registered as a Non-Governmental Organization in January, 2015.


Across Gurara, Abaji Area Council:
Kpago, Gulida, Baragada, Kwakwa, Suhoipogokolo, Paiko, Bassa, Gbangede, Shadadi, Baribari, Ruga, Nasarawa, Kutara, Zuhi, Gwaja, Kasha, Adagba, KafakoKpando, Lapaihulohuwo, Shipukamdu

Gwagwalada Area Council:
Tsoho-Kaida, Dako, Dawaki, Pete, Kwalita, Ashara, Tsako, Wuranbi, Kuturpo, Jabili, Alonwama, Wuyewuye, Kasanki, Shipipikidi, Balaki

Across River Usman, Kuje Area Council:
Dodo, Awana, Tepese, Makana, Gwara I, Gwara II, Deshi, Kalagba, Gwuin, Kulo, Sauka

Kwali Area Council:
Tungbudu, Gomani, Fuka, Golo, Lapa, Tsulogwo, Tepese, Gurugi, Sadaba, Keru, Gberegi, Kwala



   :: Our Mission


Saving God’s Heritage (Children) for A greater Nigeria.

   :: Our Vision

To rescue and foster babies and children who have been saved from evil cultural practices in some of the interior villages in Nigeria.

2 To give quality education that will enable them live well and contribute highly to the development of our dear nation and the world at large.

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