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Vine Heritage Home Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization located in Gwagwalada Abuja. It was founded by Olusola Stevens and his wife an affiliate of Christian Missionary foundation.

The main objectives of the foundation are:
◆ To eliminate infanticide and other harmful traditional practices within the rural communities of the Federal Capital Territory.
◆ The foundation also adds as its objective the rehabilitation and reintegration of affected infants and their families.
◆ To engage in the training of children to ensure their mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social growth and development to become responsible adults;
◆ To establish a Scholarship Fund to cater for the quality educational needs of the child and less privileged in the society by sponsorship from Nursery to the Tertiary levels of education;
◆ To provide adequate healthcare for the health needs of children who are victims of child abuse and also the less privileged in the society by engaging the services of professionals from the health and education sectors;
◆ To provide counselling, support and shelter for displaced children and abandoned persons;
◆ To organize Workshops and Seminars for Widows, Orphans and the under privileged, giving them basic skills to enable them find their place in the society and make themselves very useful to both the society and themselves;
◆ To work hand in hand with people of like-minds running foundations with similar objectives both nationally and internationally to achieve our aspirations and pursuit which is the basic idea of the Foundation; and
◆ Partner with the FCT administration to ensure the establishment and utilization of functional Maternity Health services to provide quality care to pregnant women and new-born babies residing in the rural communities in the F.C.T.

Led by its founder, Stevens Olusola Ajayi, the foundation strives for integrity and transparency in its everyday activities. Vine Heritage Home Foundation is determined to work with the government, local communities and all other stakeholders to stamp out abominable cultural practices from these native communities within the F.C.T. area. The foundation is also working hard to ensure that children rescued from such efforts have the best form of care including feeding, clothing, shelter, health care and basic education in order to succeed in life.

The foundation is also determined to ensure better maternal and new-born care within the target communities listed in the appendix below. Efforts will be made to work with the relevant government administration at local and F.C.T. levels to ensure improved access to clinical care for pregnant women during pregnancy and labour. This will also help to track all pregnant women, reduce maternal mortality, and ensure survival of their new-borns.

All these interventions are to be implemented in all 55 communities where these harmful cultural practices have been identified within the FCT.



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   :: Our Mission


Saving Godís Heritage (Children) for A greater Nigeria.

   :: Our Vision

To rescue and foster babies and children who have been saved from evil cultural practices in some of the interior villages in Nigeria.

2 To give quality education that will enable them live well and contribute highly to the development of our dear nation and the world at large.



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